Thursday, August 3, 2017

European Court Stops Germany from Deporting Dangerous Jihadist found with weapons and explosives. The two men are now wandering the streets of Germany FREE

European Court Stops Germany from Deporting Dangerous Islamist
No doubt in my mind that the satanic elite want the western Christian culture dead and slaughtered. They prove this on a daily basis, even when these thugs are caught with the worst kind of death dealing weapons you could ever have. Automatic weapons and explosives.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) made a last-minute ruling Wednesday to block Germany’s deportation of an 18-year-old man considered to be a “dangerous” Jihadist.
The man was on his way to the airport in Frankfurt when ECHR interfered, according to The Local. A spokeswoman explained that the ruling is meant to make sure the case follows the necessary steps in a deportation proceeding and that it is not a final verdict in the case.
The decision comes less than a week after Germany’s highest court ruled that foreigners suspected of posing a terror threat can be deported under the country’s constitution.
Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court ruled that the expulsion of an Algerian man who state ministers considered to be a “dangerous person” was not unlawful. Interior ministers in Bremen ordered for him to be deported after determining he was potentially planning a terror attack.
The man challenged the decision and a law that allows states to expel foreigners “to defend against a particular danger for the security of the Federal Republic of Germany, or against a terrorist risk.” The law was introduced after the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the U.S. but has not been used until the Berlin Christmas market attack last December.
Authorities have further used the law to deport two German-born men who were accused of planning an attack after police found Islamic State flags and weapons in their apartment. The suspects were subsequently ordered to be deported to their parents’ home countries of Algeria and Nigeria.

Europe is screwed