Wednesday, August 9, 2017

BY LESBIANS, FOR WOMEN' Vegan cafe charges male customers 18 percent ‘man tax’

If men - especially white men - where to make a restaurant openly racist and gender exclusive - millions of people would protesting the place, the owners would be sued and arrested for several violations of state and federal laws, etc.

But white male hate? 

Not a word. 

A CAFE is making waves after it began charging blokes more money to keep men out of their gay establishment.

The feminist lesbian vegan owner of Handsome Her eatery in Melbourne, Australia, is making them pay an 18 per cent “man tax” as well as giving women priority over seating.
The owner of Handsome Her in Melbourne wants to address the gender pay gap
Butch Owner Alex O’Brien told Broadsheet website: “I hate men. I want women only here. Men are useless. Animals to be used and got rid of"

“I like that it is making men stop coming here and question their privilege a little bit. ” 

Ms O’Brien says the response from her women customers, mostly other militant lesbians, has been positive.
She said: “There’s been nothing but positivity from everyone. Fuck men.”
Alex O'Brien, left, dreamed up the idea to make men take the issue of unequal pay more seriously
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