Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sesame Street Introduces Autistic Muppet on the witches sabbat...now you now who runs hollywood and the murder industry vaccine killers and maimers, big pharma

The Deep State adds to the vaccination meme...creating the autistic character that will no doubt sell the genetic disposition angle to parents and children alike, rather than the real cause of autism...

This new character, Julia, isn't for autistics, who cannot really perceive one from the other, realizing they are NOT REAL PEOPLE as even autistics can discern. No, this is about social engineering and bodes a wicked time in the satanic direction of this world of ours. Where poisoned children is considered OKAY, as long as you weekly lie on TV about how they got that way, when before the mandatory vaccine programs, autism was practically unheard of in the world. Now, it's one in seven kids. ALL VACCINE VICTIMS.


Meet stuttering, panicky, and painful to watch Julia, Ms Autistic Girl