Friday, March 11, 2016

Economic Migrants, not those fleeing to SAFE SPACES

Truth – the United States and its allies are trying to overthrow Assad of Syria.
Truth – the United States and its allies are funding and arming ISIS and others.
Truth – the United States and its allies pretend to be fighting ISIS and others.
Truth – refugees have had to flee to safe countries (where is the UNHCR?)
Truth – economic migrants decide to leave safe countries for more optimal countries.

Let’s at least call it for what it is.

 Every country out there knows that the U.S. is trying to take Assad out. Where is the outcry from these countries at the U.N.? I mean, a country is being destroyed (another one!), and still nothing – crickets. Leaders are assassinated, countries are sanctioned, bombed, destroyed, laws broken right, left and center, and yet you believe the Geneva Convention will somehow prevail? I don’t think so. If it somehow does get upheld, if TPTB insist upon it, then it is somehow benefitting them. Otherwise, they could give a shite.

The only reason Merkel would have taken any of these migrants is because she was told to (most likely by corporate interests). Period. End of story. She and the others could care less about the plight of these people. 

The migrant situation is about destroying the west through Muslim agents. It's about dilluting national cohesiveness. It's about destroying a sense of country and identity.

It's about death delivered to the children of God.