Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Comic star Robin WIlliams suicide...

Died of suicide, they say.

Let's see.

  • Full Moon

  • Witches Sabbat of Mid-summer

  • bruises and cuts on the body

  • A bloody knife near-by

Yep, suicide. And they are blaming this on depression. You know, the kind of depression you have when you are a world-class top comic worth over 200 million dollars. This full moon and sabbat is very special to satanists for the extra power it gives them for ritual work. They love combinations.

Now, all the expose's about his bisexual lifestyle, etc etc etc. will come out.

He was a comic genius who needed no script. But he was also a meme promoter of all things the network wanted everyone to "believe" in. Global warming, et al. Robin was a booster to the rotten corrupt system that made him wealthy. He never went into the territory that Sam Kinison or George Carlin ventured into, exposing the dark under-belly of this grand illusion we live in. Robin not only played it safe, he promoted so very much of what is wrong and openly satanic with our world. As I said, he was a booster.

I always find it quite odd when celebrities die on satanic holidays and other combinations. Especially when the only truth you get on the subject happens in the first day, before everything in play gets their scripts right. Already, there are a ton of preset articles, apparently written by the same team with even the same order of paragraph structure on the web; all with an hour of his announced death. Everywhere. After reading a few, it is very obvious they were written by the same person or persons. And the pitch is depression and how we must get to a head-shrinker (you know, the heartless damned of earth) and get medicated into complacency.

Thanks for the laughs Robin.