Tuesday, November 14, 2023

black soldiers who murdered whites 1917 pardoned

 What kind of peaceful march shoots out the front tire of an ambulance, orders the passengers to flee, then fires repeatedly at them as they run away, yelling “Get out you Goddamn white son-of-a-bitch and run”? This was just after the soldiers set out, still in sight of the camp.

The Army retroactively pardons the black Houston mutineers of 1917, who rampaged through the city shooting white civilians at random, including a teenager who was just sitting on his porch—what part of their actions are we rehabilitating exactly? 

The pardon is supposedly based on new “research” showing that, actually, the soldiers only “planned a peaceful march to the police station” but “encountered a mob of white men.” What? That doesn't even fit the basic facts of what we know about that night. kiro7.com/news/trending/…

This report, by the scholar who seems to be the driving force behind the pardon effort, claims the mutineers feared a white mob, hence their resort to violence. Weak argument, in my opinion, but they definitely did not, in fact, encounter such a mob. nimj.org/uploads/1/3/5/…

Military race riots keep getting recast as noble protests in defiance of all facts and logic, and the pardoning of the Houston mutineers may be the worst yet. I wrote about the trend earlier this year in light of the so-called Battle of Bamber Bridge: 

They shot any white person they came across. A real massacre.


They are still doing it. No charges filed. If it were whites doing it to blacks, we would never hear the end of it. As everyone knows.

Mass murderers.