Thursday, January 19, 2023

The Vax Weapon does its designed job to kill and maim

The Vax Weapon

A deadly cocktail of Hydra Vulgaris (homunculus), 15.7 billion particles of graphene oxide, AIDS, Herpes, a collage of heavy metals, Mercury in fatal doses. This is a bio weapon that gives the recipient, demons.

And most importantly, your DNA code of the Most High YHVH is changed from YHVH to YH666Vh. From YHVH to Satan. The mark of the beast; the abomination of desolation. Once you DNA code - your 144,000 - is changed over from YHVH to satan, the demons of ANY kind have access to you. You belong to them now. You are not only the dead, but the damned.

There it is.