Saturday, January 2, 2021

9000th post on this blog today


9000th post on this blog today, and this is it.

By Don Bradley

I gather that I must write something witty and profound. Today, I am neither.

For a harsh and cold wind is blowing already across the land and I see no sign of its abating. Further, we must, each of us, find out the meaning of our life, what we stand for (if anything) and then draw our own line in the sand.

Whatever is about to happen next has been a long time coming. We all know it. We've let so much evil slide. Consent by silence. As it were. And now the bill and bills have come due and payable.

For all of us.

We know that too.

Be honest, you know what I am talking about. No need to go over the sins of omission this country has committed, do I? Of course not.

What shall we do, oh America...what shall we do?