Thursday, July 23, 2020

Awareness in Transitional Spaces (It's dangerous these days, to be around liberals)

These burning Liberal cities are trap set for Trump. The Liberals thought for sure Trump would rush in 'guns-a-blazing" and slaughter these Black and White kids.

Liberals wanted to create a Vietnam in the USA and entangle Trump in a quagmire. Daily footage of the dead and wounded at the hands of that Nazi Trump and American would be outrages and turn to Biden.

It didn't work, Trump turned the table on them...the tv commercials are running, Liberal cities in chaos, Liberals in charge, with Biden calling the police the enemy and agreeing that a "defunding in necessary".

What was designed to be a fatal blow to Trump political hopes, may have, most likely has, wrecked any chance Biden had of winning.

~12% of the voters, the Lessor Evil folks, decide the winner...which is the lessor Evil, Biden or Trump?