Saturday, September 30, 2017

How they use the weather as a weapon against humanity - the script

The sequence is always identical. Always.

The storm system is scheduled, named, and manufactured (in this case: Lucifer); an impossible amount of rain falls (in this case, a month’s worth in a day); it gets written off as “Mother Nature” and “Climate Change” without any plausible explanation; “Social Media” erupts with “Thoughts and Prayers” for the victims; Dedicated Twitter accounts for each disaster suddenly pop up gaining hundreds of thousands of followers in days; Fundraiser campaigns spring up to “aid” the victims and “rebuild”… and no one ever learns – a single thing about what happened to them.

In two or three days, the next destroyed community goes through the same thing. Their lives and community get washed or blown away, the helpless victims surrender to “Mother Nature’s” wrath, and they spend the next ten years rebuilding their lives and homes – if they are lucky enough to be in position to. In the last ten years, I’ve seen this cycle more times than I can count. Countless communities destroyed, and not a single one of them understands that the deluge that hit them was deliberate, and industrial. Not a single one of them understands that their communities were washed away in the continuing desperate effort to stave of Global Warming and severe drought… which as everyone can see from 70 degree temperatures in February, still isn’t working anyway.

This information – is the most important information the people of these destroyed communities, can possible be exposed to. This information – is the most important information the people of the communities that are going to be destroyed tomorrow, can possibly be exposed to. As far as gaining a true perspective of the planet we live on and the real state of Climate Collapse, this is the most important information anyone on the planet can possibly be exposed to… and so far, only ten of my viewers care enough about that reality, to help me expose this reality to those who desperately need to see it.