Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Another Brave Soul who spent his life finding and revealing an evil on the face of Earth is murdered, synchronized to the Witches sabbat of MidSummer and Full moon.

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Dead...ritual style.

Ernst Zundel...the first, best, and most dogged researcher into the truth regarding the work camps in Germany during the war. No apologist...he exposed all the facts regarding these camps. Facts that certain sectors of our Hidden Government has been hiding for more than 70 years.

He spent 7 years in prison for doing field research and reporting his findings. In short, he was Kent Hovind. He was Fritz Springmeir. He is you. He is Me.

In studying his life, I found far too many parallels between his life and mine. Daily sabatoges to computer equipment, constant surveillance, blockages to earning money, and endless hate filled attacks too numerous and common to even register any more.

In my case, it was exposing concentration camps and chemtrails in the mid 1990s and other realities onward, with the publication of my book in 1999, AMERICA, 2000 AND BEYOND. You cannot find it has been removed from the world. Because in it, I detailed a future that has, in the main, come true so far of some 92% of what was written down that spring.

Well Ernst, your suffering and tribulations are over. They killed you.

We others shall carry on, in our own way, no matter how small a footprint we make. Every light counts. Every truth frees. Every love heals.

God Bless you Brother

Don Bradley