Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Buy a Tesla car and DIE

This rich satanist trusted auto pilot and it killed him. It deliberately drove him into a parked 18 wheeler on the side of the road. the evidence of the crash is all over Youtube, which for SOME REASON, is always being taken down.

Tesla autopilot cars kill at least twelve persons a month in the USA alone, that we know of. Worldwide figures are not known, due to Tesla's refusal to report such figures and their constant stream of lies about EVERYTHING THEY MAKE. Tesla refuses to make public their reliability ratings to the public. May not sound like much, but it's very high, considering how few of these are sold per capita.
Ah, but we will give you the truth - Tesla cars WORST RATED cars for failure per 100 cars, per year. OFF THE CHARTS.

Tesla cars spontaneously com-bust, even when parked. Their batteries ELF field cause cancer and owners have a high incident rate of depression and kidney failure. Check it out, it's jake. Many drivers report nausea and motion sickness when driving.

Average range of the BEST Tesla cars? 256 miles and you damn well better be within 5 miles of a charging station when the light comes on or you are stranded. And the recharge and nagware lights come on after 150 miles of any kind of driving.

Stepping on the accelerator to get on a freeway usually drains the batteries some 15% in 5 seconds per action. Do that a few times and expect to spend the next day waiting for the turd to recharge somewhere, anywhere.

Average electricity recharge cost of $400 to 700 per month - my son's little Nissan, which runs and runs, does 650 miles on a $40.00 tank of gas. To get the same 650 miles on a Tesla, it would take him four days of charging, at 350 dollars and  you get the idea.

Not many REAL features for a car that usually costs more than $100,000.00 out the door, plus $15000.00 each year in repairs. Not bad for an ALL plastic car that smells like formaldehyde.

Tesla cars are the most hack-able remotely controlled cars in the world, with a software failure rate of every 30 hours. When the software fails, the car stops running, no matter where it is or what speed it is going, very often causing accidents. The fix, get the Tesla - average wait to get in for repairs 16 days - in for a for the software reset, not available to the owner.

Average repair bill cost for a Tesla visit to the dealer, THE ONLY PLACE THEY ALLOW YOU TO TAKE THE ROLLING TURD? $5000.00 to $15000.00

Tesla owners report that any warranty work at dealerships result in surly, angry managers and staff. Very often to the point of blaming the owner for the failure of their computer turd.

Why do Teslas have the HIGHEST insurance liability actuarial rating of all cars in existence, if it weren't for the fact that half of all Tesla's on the road, have been in one kind of accident or another? Why? You lying, two faced pig.

The NTSB ALWAYS acquits Tesla of any wrongdoing or F'd up workmanship. Always. The bodies pile up. This is because the deep satanic network wants electric go nowhere cars that they can control everywhere and their MKULTRA bitch Musk, like Fuckerberg, is one of their satanic whores. Usually, well to do satanic network slugs buy and push Tesla cars. But they ALL have a 2nd or 3rd car, because their plastic Tesla usually is charging or in the shop.

Tell me Musk, why did you want to call your headquarters Plaza Bluebird, a name of one of the CIA's first main and still operational mind control programs? Huh? You boy buggering bastard? Like Twatter, a bluebird - a nod to that infamous CIA mind control op that has destroyed millions of lives? You people are sick. 

Tesla cars are the perfect Agenda 21 transport.
  • Unaffordable
  • No range
  • Expensive to own and operate
  • Average electricity recharge cost of $400 to 700 per month, just for local LOOK AT ME driving. It actually is more ruinous to the environment to own a Tesla, than a gas powered car.
  • Most hack-able car yet made
  • only car in existence that tries to KILL THE OWNER
  • Average Tesla car, is in the shop twice a year, every year. Have fun with those repair bills THEY SAY are not covered by their expensive warranties.