Friday, December 16, 2016

Clinton Foundation

Hillary and her satanic freaks hurt children

We’re part of a group of concerned citizens who have started to pull on the threads of the curtain we’re not supposed to look behind. We have discovered that yes, there are monsters in this world, and we need to go after them. There is much that is hidden and we’re going to uncover it. Our starting point is the Satanic child pedophile cartel, the Clinton Foundation. So far as we can tell it is a giant money laundering organization through which political favors are bought and sold. So far we’ve compiled a ~90 page document summarizing our findings.

Feel free to peruse it.

So far we’ve been rather successful in memeing CF into the public sphere. 

 Twenty Years Of Looking the Other Way.

Morell Apologizes For Getting Iraq WMD Wrong

Mike Morell Charlie Rose Interview Clip - 1:45

Seymour Hersh, Red Line to Rat Line (Pulitzer Winner, former NYT)

Mark Mazetti, NYT, Pulitzer - Timber Sycamore

James Risen, NYT, Pulitzer - Libya Arms Falling in Rebel Hands

Mark Mazetti, NYT, Pulitzer, Jordanian Officers Driving Arms to Rebels

Fox News - Libya Arms and Chemical Weapons Not Yet Controlled

National Review - Stingers of Benghazi

Ex-CIA Director Making Hacking Claims Works with Clinton Aide Reines

Eva Bartlett Exposes White Helmets and SOHR at UN

Fox News - Zero Footprint Arms Dealers Says He Was Set Up

Were the 1,000 Hidden Donation Funneled Through Giustra Enterprise Partnership to avoid the eyes of Eric Braverman?

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Says The U.S. Government Is Directly Funding... via @YouTube

Obama to Directly Supply ISIS?

Did Hillary Go After Libya's $30B? Drumheller Blumenthal Documents 2012

Drumheller Blumenthal Germany, South Korea, Algeria, Magreb, Libya Documents - 2013

Judicial Watch Asks For Videos of CF FBI Testimony

Sid Was Emailed The Coup Plans For South Sudan

Hillary Gave Joe Wilson's Company Symbion Lucrative Contract

Sid Blumenthal Had a Financial Stake in Mercenary Group

Clinton Sent Dozens of Classified Reports to Mercenaries

Hillary Clinton Had SAP and SCI Top Secret Info Reclassified

National Review Article on Clinton Foundation Donors

Same Qatar Individuals That Gave To Clinton Found. Gave To ISIS

UN Security Council Libya Panel On Recovery of Libya Weapons

Charles Ortel - UNITAID (21 minute mark)

New York Times - Timber Sycamore

NYT - Libya Arms Supplied Syrian Rebels

1,000 Clinton-Petraeus emails missing from records sent to State, FBI files show