Friday, September 30, 2016

Biblical Shemitah Jubilee

Everything points to this October regarding the execution of the controlled demolition that happens every 7-8 years like clockwork. Deutsche bank could be brought down as soon as October.  There are many reasons why this October promises to be a momentous month.  Monday happens to be the very last day of the Biblical Shemitah Jubilee.   It is followed by the Hebrew month of Tishri, the traditional month of stock market crashes, bond market blowouts, economic recessions and depressions, as well as other similar dramatic events (like 9/11).

Quite coincidentally, the real month of Tishri  began on Sept 15 and ends 28 days later.  Hence, the entire month of October will be full of surprises.  They will likely come in rapid succession just like they did from September 15 through October 31st of 2008.  That month and a half period saw the market crash repeatedly until the Congress agreed to fund the first major bank bailout of its kind.  The Congress was blackmailed into such an agreement by the banksters who staged the whole affair that started with the Lehman collapse.

The FED, Bank of England and other Central Banks were all in on the worldwide scam which saw an unparalleled redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the wealthiest in America and beyond.  This time around the planned grand theft will be on an order of magnitude way beyond that of the 2008 heist.  This time the banksters are going after everything that is not nailed down.
At the end of the day, every pension plan and 401k, IRA and KEOGH plan, savings and checking account, mutual fund and money market, precious metal holdings and commodity account, insurance policy and annuity will be targeted by the avaricious banksters.  They all know the whole place is going down after Deutsche Bank collapses and they intend to acquire whatever they can while there are still assets to be stolen.

The U.S. Government Pushes Deutsche Bank Over the Edge because their money masters have ordered them to do so

What are the signs of a manufactured banking collapse?

The US Department of Justice recently levied a $14 billion fine against Deutsche Bank. But Wells Fucko, a far worse and more evil bank, gets a pass. No, DB, like all things German, is going to take the public fall to start the ball rolling. Ah...the hypocrisy and lies. So thick even an angel has to work to get through them all.

Deutsche Bank Slapped With $14 Billion Fine By DOJ Over Mortgage Probe

This single act of corporate sabotage is one that the USA had quite purposefully executed in order to further advance their plan to throw Europe into chaos.  Europe must be sacrificed if the US dollar is to maintain any semblance of its status as the world reserve currency.  The successful BREXIT referendum was another example of the will to destroy the European Union (EU) by the moneychangers who operate behind the scenes.

The deliberately timed $14 billion fine was aimed at further weakening an already teetering banking behemoth.  As the largest bank in Germany, a bankruptcy of this size would reverberate throughout the entire German economy, the EU, and beyond. It's what they want...a big money bomb going off they can then use to send western cultures into 3rd world status forever.


It might begin with Deutsche Bank and then with some other shaky institutions that have been in precarious condition for much of 2016 and 2015.[2]

But, they are trying to get the witch, even if only using laughable doubles in public-the demon of the hill-into the White House. So with the seeds planted and the polls rigged and with the wicked skank of the West in power, then the dominoes fall. The SJW zombies go full retard and the west gets Jihadi death and military martial law for breakfast every single day. Bastards.

DB dies, Wells Fucko rides on to kill again... chunks of stuff, fixed by ME.