Wednesday, February 10, 2016

There has been a big push since New Years in the Financial circles for a cashless society, the cover story being Negative interest rates or NIRP. It's a LIE. It's all about TOTAL CONTROL OVER THE PERSON, forcing them to do anything they wish IN ORDER TO BUY AND SELL. JUST LIKE REVELATIONS IN THE BIBLE HAS SAID.

That's right. All the cover stories and lies being told in the Wall street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg, etc, is all Network BS to cover the REAL MOTIVE. None shall buy or sell, without government approval.

Criticize the government, they turn off your number.

Protest fascist agendas, they turn off your number.

Be an individual,  they turn off your number.

Think for yourself,  they turn off your number.

Expose Fukushima, chemtrails, satanism, et al, they turn off your number.

Disagree with Social Justice fascism in all its flavors, they turn off your number.

Do anything, anytime, anywhere, THEY DON'T LIKE and,  they turn off your number.

When they turn off your number, or card, then with cash banned, you cannot buy or sell, pay bills, or engage in any kind of commerce.

The Beast System is hard by the door. And all these articles and such are just mental public conditioning to get people's minds ready for Orwellian nightmare they have planned for us.