Sunday, November 15, 2015

Political correctness has now become a form of mass insanity. Do you still say ‘Merry Christmas?’ Watch out!

PC cops are fascists attacking freedom of speech under the guise of political correctness. Great coupe to take down the protections of the constitution. No one is safe from PC cops.NO NO NO NO is their motto and slavery is what they create. Slavery of the mind, the body, the country. And we TOLERATE this, their favorite little word. They tolerate NOTHING. Preaching tolerance while screaming with hate, intolerance, that is what SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS REALLY ARE. special little snowflakes...from hell. Thanks for screwing up the country. The network's psyops are unreal these days.

Don't offend me, don't smoke, don't do ANYTHING I say or think is wrong or ELSE!