Thursday, July 18, 2013

Death chips in appliances, Cellphones, Electronic anything fix the problem of lagging sales due to dead economy

Give us all your money or we will kill your car

That's why they added a digital anything to everything. The death chip dies after a set time. so many uses; so many turn ons; so many days... Then it dies, after giving vague failure warnings to the consumer.

It's called planned obsolescence.

It forces the consumer to upgrade, especially after warrany expiration. So what if you cannot afford a new dishwasher or coffee pot. Get one, cuz the old one is now DOA. And by old, I mean about 14 months.

You see boys and girls, several years ago, an electrical engineer discovered the death chip in a Hewlett Packard printer. His printer quit and he took it apart to fix it. Nothing was wrong. Then he found the chip, developed a software patch to disable it and his printer worked fine from then on. Further investigation revealed DEATH CHIPS in nearly ALL modern products; each set to their own death cycles.

But hey, go ahead and get that new smarphone. Comes complete with 24 hour surveillance by local and federal law enforcement on where you go, what you say, who you see and what you do. And you pay for it. The microphone is always on, as is the video, and always sending back to black servers off-shore and in Virginia. Oh, and with Finspy, even local sheriffs can use your phone to spy on you and they don't go to jail. But, wow, you are sooo cool with that new Iphone and hip; you gotta be like all your network friends and get in on the spy game loop, right? Sure you do. A good citizen always surrenders their intimate moments with steroid jacked thugs so they can feel all powerful.