Friday, June 28, 2013

The safest car will have no antilock brakes, a manual transmission, and an old fashioned solid metal key. If you have such a car, even if it is manufactured after 2004, they probably won't attempt a suicide run with it because all they can do is push the gas

Gosh, driving old cars now seems downright SAFE AND SANE, given the crazy government types that can access any car, at any time, via any cellular network. All you need is the software CARSHARK and a cell phone.

Then YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF THE CAR. Not the driver. They are now captive passengers.

And what about all the hackers who create their own versions of this software? That sell it to companies like Blackwater? Oh...the CIA would just give them the software anyways.

They can turn off your lights. Disable your engine. Lock up your wheels. All while you are driving down the road. Did they tell you that when you bought the car? Nope.

"I'd like to make a few things perfectly clear about remote control of modern cars ANY car with Onstar, and all other cars manufactured after 2004 can be hijacked, but some are going to be safer than others.

How they disable the brakes - Only antilock brakes can be disabled. An antilock brake system looks for wheels that are not spinning when the brake is applied, and when it senses a wheel that is not spinning it releases the brake. To hack an antilock brake system and cause it to not allow a driver to brake, all you have to do is fool it into believing none of the wheels are spinning. The brakes will not engage.

How to keep the car running with the key out - This is possible only with cars that use electronic keys. Since the ignition switch activates when it senses the correct electrical characteristics or code in the key, all you have to do is fool the ignition control module into believing the correct conditions are met. There is no mechanical disconnect with an electronic key.

How to keep the car in gear when the driver takes it out of gear - This is possible only with electronically controlled transmissions. Nowadays, all automatic transmissions are electronically controlled. If the transmission is fooled into believing it is supposed to be engaged, it won't matter where you put the selector. The solution then is (some of the time) a manual transmission, which you can take out of gear yourself and just let the engine rev until it blows, but even a few manual transmissions have electronic control now that would make that impossible. Then there is always the clutch with a manual, which you could also push, provided there is a real cable going to that clutch and not just an electronic control.

How to rev the engine to max when the driver is not pushing the gas - This is a no brainer, electronic throttle control is now as old as the hills, and common since 1980. Fool the throttle position sensor into believing it is wide open, and the manifold pressure sensor into believing the car is at 20,000 feet elevation. Everything will open right up and it's max throttle until the crash." Stone