Sunday, December 11, 2022

Spinners - the Why of it all

Spinners - the Why of it all

Don Bradley December 11 2022

Kislev 15

Spinners...Name for those who spin in place, putting up a defensive hand from the dark Night Terrors coming for their soul. Some see them, some do not The vax weapon gives the recipient their own demon(s) with every shot. These demons, when they see a large enough crack in their aura, try to take over the host.

This only happens to those vax weaponized and who do NOT have the Holy Spirit.

In this takeover attempt, they fail. Because they are attempting to possess their host they are attached to before the appointed time.

They are trying to jailbreak the system of YHVH. That time will come, for them all. When that bowl is released.

They vax weaponized all the lions and animals in the lion preserve. Now they too are dying off. Demons will accept any vessel that gives them life in this dimension, if they can get in.

When the hitchhiker becomes visible. A child whose parents are witches did this to their son in ritual. Among the damned, demons are attached to babies within 28 days of birth - if the child is not to be sacrificed. The first born usually are, for satan, and for the family to get new powers and money. Every coven child has several dozen of these - I call them the WHISPERERS. Because they constantly whisper in the ears of witches, all of their days. I also call them the WEEDS.