Thursday, October 4, 2018

The left are the very worst hypocrites

Why didn't these women believe the dozen and more survivors of Bill Clinton's rape and beatings? Where were these nasty lesbians then? How about the Clinton death list, it's quite long you know. Over 60 confirmed kills, plus at least another 100 nobody is aware of. Like Roger Samuelson. Dead at 38, right Hildebeast?

Three of Clinton's victims were murdered to keep from testifying against him. They no longer have a voice. Where were all these hate filled dykes then? 

Or now. How about now. There are plenty of Bill and Hillary (yeah, she raped too) victims who have come forward, passed lie detector tests, etc. Some even have had children, that look EXACTLY LIKE BILL!

These women are REAL victims, unlike the endless line of strippers and sleazy women the left has been propping up to attack Trump and his appointees. 

Until these walking abominations of woman support the real victims of PING PONG PIZZA and the CLINTON RAPE COUPLE, anything they say or do, means nothing to me. Nothing at all. You are a wind of noise, dancing to the tune of evil.

Lesbian witches descend upon the capital to disrupt mostly white males as they go about their business. What, making sure new hires in the any Federal office were mostly gay or minority not enough for you? Have to attack total strangers BASED ON THEIR SKIN COLOR? There is only one word that fits a female such as these...and I can't say it.


Turns out, the doxxing felon's daddy is in bed with Frankenstein, Boxer, and the CIA - with deep connections to EVERGREEN, INC, a known CIA front since the 1960s and were heavily involved in Air America, the CIA's air force in Laos and Cambodia for smuggling heroin in the 1960s and 70s. 

Contract agent for the CIA...

The agency only does long term business with multi generational satanists. Fact. It's how they can control such a vast network of field operatives who know and understand silence and obedience.