Thursday, February 8, 2018

Racism is for the blind or those whose hearts are soured with evil

Our wonderful creation, a gift, regardless of our station in life. Mine has always been on the edge, yet we are grateful for what we are allowed to have. Daily.

Love the beach, the elementals Dad created that are water's life essence...all of it.
What ever happened to loving ALL RACES? My doctor is from china, a good woman. so many people i know and love are from ALL OVER. What decent sort of soul sees color anyways? This war or any war against any race, is evil.

By definition, the Democratic Party-and the Hildebeast lovers-are evil. Spewing evil, suborning others to race hatred, et al. This is an abomination to any and all who live from the heart.

For my own self, anything on this dimension of Earth is to be loved. The only thing I feel adversely towards is the demonic-departed nephilim from old-who are the cause and inciters of evil in humans every where.

It's one thing to point out the demonic agenda of the Jesuit created Jihadists. That's not a race, but an ideology of death. A death cult, like the satanists who abuse children and practice human sacrifice, as well as attack and lay snares for decent people every chance they get. But to attack on skin color, white or anything, is a very bad thing.

Don Bradley