Saturday, May 16, 2015


Hello Friend,

On behalf of Creation Science Evangelist Dr. Kent Hovind we are reaching out to you today because at some point between 2007 and 2012 you had signed a petition or had left a testimony for Pastor Hovind on Kent’s old website. We are sending a one-time email out to everyone who signed the petition to FREE KENT HOVIND and letting them know we have a new website with live updates on Kent’s ten year persecution that has finally begun to garner national attention.  Here is Kent Hovind’s official new support website:

Official Kent Hovind Website

For Live Trial & Hourly Video Updates Go Here

The most important trial of Kent Hovind's life begins on May 18th and may not end until early June.  An anti-Christian Judge, the same one who locked him away in 2006,  is now attempting to keep Pastor Hovind in for another 40 years despite the fact he should have already been back home with his loving family!  What is the charge this time?  He mailed a legal document to protect his property from prison without asking the anti-Christian Judge's permission.   For that, she wants him to spend LIFE IN PRISON!  Longer than murderers!  Below are several shocking videos that lay out in detail all of the persecution Pastor Hovind has endured over the past ten years:  

20 Shocking Things That Have Happened In The Kent Hovind Case

Brother Trey Lays Out Entire Kent Hovind Case From A-Z

Illegal Imprisonment of Kent Hovind & Other Christians in America | #FreeKent

Kent Hovind vs IRS Structuring | Why An Innocent Man Like Kent Hovind is in Prison

Creation Science Evangelist Kent Hovind Provides A Summary Of His Case In His Own Words

Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers' Preposterous Speech Before Kent Hovind Was Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison (2006)

New Kent Hovind Movie Trailer (coming soon)

Social Media (help us spread the word using #FreeKent #FreeKentHovind #LetMyPastorGo)

Boots On the Ground – Supporting Kent Hovind At Upcoming Trial in Pensacola

Lastly, if you would like to call and leave a personal testimony for Pastor Kent Hovind on how he's impacted your life that will be shared with Kent and his supporters from around the world just call Rudy & Erin at (972) 839 - 9848 and they'll record it and upload it to Kent's YouTube Channel.  You can also just create your own YouTube video testimony and send us the link with permission to mirror to and we'll post that for the world to see. 

Thank you again for supporting Kent Hovind all of these years. This will be the only email we send out to you unless you have further questions. God Bless you and remember, “The Answer To 1984 is 33AD.” (Jesus is the answer)

Volunteers for Creation Science Evangelist Kent Hovind