Thursday, July 18, 2013

CURRENT Fukushima radiation map as measured by satellites (summer 2013)

" On July 5, radiation levels at Fukushima were what passes for "normal," which means elevated and dangerous, but stable, according to measurements by the owner, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). " On July 8, radiation levels had jumped about 90 times higher, as typically reported. TEPCO had no explanation for the increase. " On July 9, radiation levels were up again from the previous day, but at a slower rate, about 22 per cent. TEPCO still had no explanation. " On July 10, Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) issued a statement saying that the NRA strongly suspects the radioactive water is coming from Fukushima's Reactor #1 and is going into the Pacific.

FUKUSHIMA (fuck-oo-sheema)

Be sure to breath deeply and get your cesium, strontium, iodine, and plutonium jolt so Big Pharma and Big Med can make a fortune off your cancer.