Saturday, December 8, 2012

Love of Truth

For The Love of Truth:

In real truth, there is no lie.
In real truth, there’s no deception.
In real truth, it doth iniquity defy.
In real truth, it bringeth not false perception.

For marriage true, truth acteth as a foundation of stone.
Lo behold one so long and happy.
For union false, truth undoeth the sour seeds sown.
Lo one so short and sour and so often sappy.

Wherefore art the lies so common?
‘Tis this affair with power,
Whence man doth give of his deceit an omen.
Though some through fear destroy this natural flower.

If thou lovest me, let it be true.
For now I knowest ‘tis mine for you.

- Nathaniel Ryan Bradley.