Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Climate Fascism

French President Emmanuel Macron slammed Greta Thunberg after the 16-year-old climate activist filed a legal complaint accusing five countries of inaction on global warming in violation of the 30-year-old UN Convention on the Rights of a Child. Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina and Turkey.
How did a nobody become an instant celebrity? Unless the satanic network put her there.

Notably, she left out China - which is the world's worst polluter by total volume. Which makes her claims a bold faced lie. She completely leaves out Africa and China, the two continents that create 89% of all world pollution. 

Now why would little RBF witch do something so flagrantly deceptive to any kind of truth? Is because the whole climate slavery hoax - itself an aspect of the Agenda 21 plan to enslave the world in mega cities - isn't about enslaving ALREADY ENSLAVED PEOPLES, BUT THOSE THAT ARE FREE AND FREE TO PRAY AND SERVE WHATEVER VERSION OF THE ALMIGHTY THEY UNDERSTAND?


After browbeating the UN for 'stealing her childhood' on Monday, Thunberg tweeted "Today at 11:30 I and 15 other children from around the world filed a legal complaint against 5 nations over the climate crisis through the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child."
Thunberg's complaint calls out nations that have ratified the UN treaty, yet - according to her - have not upheld their obligations. And again, she's said nothing about pollution from China or India.


The lowest common denominator...a retarded, spoiled, ill informed, stage-managed, virtue-signalling petulant and maudlin moron who berates her victims with her deep state scripted nonsense while throwing a cringe inducing hissy fit. Never imagined I would agree with Rothschild fop Macron on anything but even he can see through this poisoned dwarf.
How long more will the sane put up with this mindless garbage?

Global warming...the greatest scam since..... socialism. Believe...believe....believe that you too might be...culled. Wiped out, for the planet. And the covens. And so the witches can serve satan with yet more pain filled lives living in misery.

Onward to the fart tax...all that can help us now. The more you idiots let them GOING GREEN to us, the more we pay and the less freedoms we have TO DO ANYTHING. wake the fuck up.
Have a look at her parents and their 'antifascist all-star' t-shirts... https://turtleboysports.com/this-angry-swedish-girl-is-gonna-be-so-pissed-in-12-years-when-everythings-fine-and-she-realizes-that-cultist-adults-stole-her-childhood/
 The fact that she leaves out India and China is a clear red flag that this isn't about pollution but adopting and shoving political dogma down people's throats.

They wanted an angst-ridden face, locked in a permanent Edvard Munch Scream...
a projection of their virtue.
"Look at HER, you f**ing deniers. WE care."

So they picked on a troubled, mentally-ill child.

no Greta you ugly witch, but never mind the Chinese are designing, funding (through bad loan agreements) and constructing coal fired power plants all over Africa. The Lamu planned power station in coastal Kenya to be built by Chinese contractors with borrowed money would increase emissions by a factor of seven - and Kenya would have to import the coal.

In drastic move in 2017, China's top hydro-power plants slashed capacity due to excessive Spring rains which put pressure on the Yangtze River while urging coal fired power plants to step up production and purchasing record amounts of coal from Australia.

How about those facts, or do they matter much to you feckless shits?
All you need to know about #ProjectGreta:
She is a pawn and 100% expendable like soldiers in chess. She has a few moves left, but after she is is not anymore a kid, they will sacrifice her and move on to the next wonder-kid.
"We will have a new world order, either by compliance, or by force." Greta the witch to the UN. They applauded the witch.
 Watch. Greta will come out as trans within the year. (precisely. She is already a lesbian. DB)

Ironic how last weekend, in our valley well organized climate rallies, complete with booths, musical acts, and food sellers all descended here on Sat and Sun, both in the witches sabbath zone. This young lady...with her RBF - Resting Bitch Face, and angry permanent scowl, was a planned op to push Agenda 21 forward. The whole event in Ojai was run by the satanic left. They had banners, media, everything. This was planned, organized and funded a long time ago to fire off on the witches sabbath, which is what they did. I was there, observing.

Of course we had the covens doing little ritual ceremonies in plain site.  The only people NOT involved in putting on the event, where just trying to get through their blockade of hate filled and snarling yelling at people. So we prayed early and "helped" them. All their mojo, hate, and ranting came to nothing. For no one was there to be affected by it.

And no one showed up. 

As a friend pointed out, The whole thing was totally wack.

And as I pointed out, we are strangers now, in a strange land. A land of darkness and slavery, under the guise of saving the planet.

They shut down their well funded road show early, because no one showed up. Just a few tourists trying to get around the agenda 21 of hateful death.


I know a multi-generational witch when I see one. And I see one now..

Fear mongerers. It's the Beast they serve.

To all the school kids going on 'strike' for Climate Change:

You are the first generation who have required air-conditioning in every classroom.
You want TV in every room and your classes are all computerized.
You spend all day and night on electronic devices.
More than ever, you don't walk or ride bikes to school but arrive in caravans of private cars that choke local roads and worsen rush hour traffic.
You are the biggest consumers of manufactured goods ever and update perfectly good expensive luxury items to stay trendy,
Your entertainment comes from electric devices.
Furthermore, the people driving your protests are the same people who insist on artificially inflating the population growth through immigration, which increases the need for energy, manufacturing and transport.
The more people we have, the more forest and bush land we clear and more of the environment is destroyed.

Also this, One volcano eruption for ONE DAY, creates more Co2 than any decade of human activity. But you don't live with the REAL truth of Earth, you share fear and lies. And damn you all for it. Damn you.

How about this...
Tell your teachers to switch off the air-con.
Walk or ride to school. Switch off your devices and read a book.
Make a sandwich instead of buying manufactured fast food.
No, none of this will happen because you are selfish, badly educated, virtue signalling little 'princesses', inspired by the adults around you who crave a feeling of having a 'noble cause' while they indulge themselves in Western luxury and unprecedented quality of life.

Wake up, grow up and learn to research facts and think for yourself and not blindly accept the words and thoughts of others - I don't think you formulated this action plan all by your self - suspect you may have had some influence and 'guidance' from those you trust ....a word of warning, be cautious of the influence of the 'left' because there may be a time in the future that you will be the ones left out...

Ten bucks says by weeks end, the UN declares her climate change person of the year, or TIme magazine will, complete with satanic hate-filled snarl she permanently wears. She just got promoted in the ranks of the coven network, to be sure. Her talk show schedule and talking points arranged by hidden handlers. 
Greta Thunberg's handler is well known German climate fascist and lesbian Luisa Marie-Nuebauer who belongs to and is funded by ONE foundation owned by Bill Gates and sponsored also by George Soros.

As they do...

As they do. 

So let's all pray for young Greta, the witch. That her demons be cast to the dry places and cut off from principalities and powers. That every word she speaks for this agenda come to nothing and comes against the dark covens who are running her. That her labors are blocked in all ways as to destroy this movement of lies. Amen


If she really wants to know what having one's childhood stolen is all about, then let her participate in muslim culture. By now she's have been raped and beaten repeatedly countless times by a smelly goat ******* animal. At the rate her country is going, it looks like she may have that opportunity.
"You all come to us young people for hope"
Yeah, right. What a load of scripted shit.
A tantrum-throwing obnoxious 16-year-old antifa, as her parents also are antifa supporters ...
The Left well represented by this dross.
I'm impressed how a girl at 16 can make such an  ugly face along with the sophisticated temper tantrums while the "global leaders" all applaud and fawn over it. 
              This is pure unadulterated Evil and crowd manipulation. Everyone here thinks she is nuts, but nobody dares say anything. Some time ago, some person mentioned on FB that this was "as close to Down syndrome as you could get" and he had to step down from his leadership job within 24 hours.
That is one creepy teenager. Looks 12 but is 16, mentally ill to boot.
Some sick mofos running this climate scam using this child as a human shield.

Are you not Entertained?
"...you would be evil and that I refuse to believe."

Oh brother what a soap opera for the ages. She's too ignorant to understand the pedestrian way she's being. 

The desire for manipulation is clear in this mixed message performance she's sending. 
Dear Greta, I don't care if you think I'm evil because you lack discernment to know the difference between evil and disagreement.

Why does Greta look like the anti-Christ? She just looks pure evil in almost every screenshot of her I see on the news. (She is a witch, and she is channeling the Beast and no less than 14 demonic hitch hikers. DB) I do believe she needs some help. And is crying out for it. Anyone want to step up, or shall I?
Let me get this straight, she is claiming that the weather stole her childhood?
And she expects us to take her seriously? Jihadi rape gangs are stealing her childhood. There's a truth for you honey.
If this little bitch really cared,  her and her ilk would be protesting at the UN about the American military industrial complex, and Israel, and Saudi Arabia. and the upcoming WW3 which CAN be stopped.

Stopping Climate Change is futile and ludicrous.

Just watched her performance and it was some pretty bad acting. Not even she was convinced about what she was saying.

she is talking about her parents using her for propaganda....when does she change genders? 

(finally some truth. Little Greta didn't get in front of the world stage by her onesy. She was trained and handled for this little drama on the sabbath. Her parents are satanists and
are pushing for her to win a Nobel Prize, and they always come with a million dollar bonus. Which she and they, will get. DB)

Our Earth? What have you done to your share? Other than to fill the airwaves with a diatribe of hate. 
After a few years on Death Row, Charles Manson suddenly adopted a pro-environment platform, and Lyn Squeaky Fromme was there to support him. She became an environmental activist and somehow determined that President Gerald Ford was evil because of an off-hand joking statement he'd made in a speech about the number of trees that had been destroyed to print the latest round of government regulations.  She raised a gun at President Ford from A Sacramento sidewalk on On September 5, 1975

So in 1975, the Mansons were blaming the generation born about 1920.
And Greta, in about the year 2050 a new generation will be blaming you and your generation for the "environment" when this issue becomes once again politically expedient for politicians desperate for the youth vote.

Mumia Abu-Jamal, cop killer, like Charles Manson became the darling of the far left in part by adopting an environmentalist stance from prison.

Looks like environmental issues is well known by the left as a tool for stirring up purpose in the lives of the young, insane and murderous (Every single person you mentioned is a self-confessed satanist. DB)

"You've Stolen My Childhood", seriously WFT, what kid says that.
In my neck of the Woods, it rains, the sun shines, it gets cold, it gets hot, kids are playing the park like they always have.
Without any Electronic Equipment, I don't see any difference between now and when I was 10.
More like your Parents have hijacked your Childhood in pursuit of their dreams
no you stupid bitch.

you sold your soul to the devil years ago. (she did. Generational satanism passes from mother to daughter. Fact DB)

The U.S. has cleaned up its act in the last 50 years.
The air is cleaner, the water is cleaner, there is more forestation than in 1900.  There are issues now with groundwater contamination from fracking, but that will be addressed as well, but it is not as bad as a picture of the Ganges, what with corpses, turds, and God knows what else.

You need to get up off your knees worshiping the neighbor's cow and get your *** to China, Southeast Asia, and Africa, the world's major polluters.
In Mexico they're prolly still venting R12 car coolant.

(Since it weighs something like 40x atmosphere, and the ozone layer starts 10 miles straight up, and and the ozone layer is continuously generated by the interaction of the sun with our atmosphere, and the hole in the ozone layer was created by nuclear tests in space, and the hole in the ozone layer eventually closed, I don't have a problem with that. However, modern AC systems are much tighter than they were when the ban went into effect, so they probably aren't using much. Get an education before you spout off on climate shit that is based on bad science and fraud. DB)
No, being born to satanic leftist parents ruined your childhood.
Satanist kids. One for gun control, the other for Climate Hoax. RBF is just ONE of their tells.