Monday, August 19, 2019

Why are all those media types who said PIZZAGATE was fake, keep getting busted for being a pedophile?


And why is it, all these freaks keep getting high paying, high profile jobs in the media or government?

Download and enlarge for detail.

could they be any more obvious what this is really all about?
SOP operation
The whole damn arranged scene is code.
That's not a ring, BUT A KEY. TO a secret room. Many pedos wear it, one of a kind, to single to other pedos they are IN THE LOOP and to control access to their sex/sacrifice slaves. Are you sick yet. Should be.

You sick bastards

Epstein had an 8 year old child teaching him Russian? Really...
These people are fucking sick. In the extreme. And they run our country. We deserve every plague, earthquake, tornado, etc that Dad sends our way. That's just for starters.

Found at a satanic ritual site for pedos by police.

As I stated last month, Jeffy KNEW his arrest was coming, covered his tracks, knew he would be "killed" so he could disappear and some poor bastard they killed a year ago could take his place.

Synagogue of Satan...same as it ever was.
Anti Semitic Tards revealing what usually is concealed, the stinkers.

F'ing degenerates. 30 years ago, the principals would be hanged from light poles.

Research well presented here, beyond dispute. Unless you are a lying network shill then go F yourself.

Rest my case...synagogue with Satan, as Yeshua stated.
C is Clinton. They are already redacting full names from published testimony.